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Take a virtual tour of our school

This year, due to COVID19, we are unfortunately unable to invite people to visit our school. We have put together some information on this page which we hope you will find helpful 

We have two school sites - Our Belthorne site on Belthorne Avenue in Blackley and our Moston site on Brookside Road in Moston. You can see photographs of both sites below and a short video of our Moston site. 

Please don't hestitate to contact us if you want any additional information


Belthorne site


Red Caterpillar Class

Blue Caterpillar Class

Green Caterpillar Class

Key areas at our Belthorne site

Key areas at our Moston site

Your new class

Please click on the links below to find out more about your new class.  These booklets will tell you all about your new classroom, your new teachers, where you will eat, and lots of other exciting things.

Belthorne site

Blue Caterpillar

Green Caterpillar

Red Caterpillar

Moston Site

White Butterfly

Red Butterfly

Brown Butterfly

Orange Butterfly

Violet Butterfly

Green Butterfly

Yellow Butterfly

Pink Butterfly

Silver Butterfly

Gold Butterfly

Purple Butterfly

Blue Butterfly


Please click on The New Pupil Information Pack for more details.


School Meals

We are now managing our own kitchen.  This gives us greater flexibility on ensuring that the meals we make are what the children like and enjoy.  We make sure that the meals are nutritional and healthy too!!

Each day we offer a different menu choice and this will be rotated on a 3 week cycle. To view the menu click on the relevant site. 

Belthorne menu

Moston menu

We offer both Euro and Halal meat.  The supplier of Halal meat TPB Ltd and all Halal meat is HFA certified.  The Halal Food Authority is an independent,  voluntary non-profit organisation, part of a registered charity involved in the supervision, inspection, audit, certification, and compliance of halal principles and practices in the UK food and beverages industry.

We also offer Jacket Potato, Pasta and Sandwiches as an alternative.  Salad, yoghurts and cheese and biscuits are also offered as an alternative to the dessert of the day.

The majority of our meals are freshly prepared and we offer a variety choice to suit all of our children.  The menu choices is also compliant with the most recent Food Standard guidelines.  http://www.schoolfoodplan.com/standards/

A school meal for key stage 2 children is £2.20.

Healthy Packed lunches

Lunch is an important meal for children to provide energy and nutrients to keep them going throughout the afternoon. A packed lunch made at home can be a healthy and delicious choice and gives you control over the foods and ingredients included.

The key to a healthy packed lunch is variety and getting the right balance of foods to provide children with all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Click on this link for information and guidance on ideas for a healthier packed lunch.

Moston site

moston front

White Butterfly Class

Red Butterfly Class

Brown Butterfly Class

Orange Butterfly Class

Violet Butterfly Class

Green Butterfly Class

Yellow Butterfly Class

Pink Butterfly Class

Silver Butterfly Class

Gold Butterfly Class

Purple Butterfly Class

Blue Butterfly Class

Frequently asked questions

How many members of staff are in each class?

We have a minimum of one teacher and two teaching assistants in each class. However, for classes with pupils that need a higher level of support, there could be one teacher with up to 3 - 4 teaching assistants.

What does the uniform look like and where can I buy it?

Our school uniform consists of: · Red school jumper with school logo, this can be purchased from the schools reception. A white polo t-shirt · Black / dark grey trousers or skirt · Comfortable shoes/trainers. For pupils who struggle with their fine motor skills when getting dressed or those who need support with personal care, your child could wear elasticated trousers such as jogging bottoms or thick leggings. For P.E, pupils will need another set of clothes which consists of  · White t-shirt · Black shorts · Trainers. Please refer to the ‘school brochure’ on the school website for further information including images etc 

My child needs daily medication at school. Who would give them this?

We have a nurse who is based onsite who will have access to all of your child’s medical information. The school nurse will administer any medication your child may need.  You will need to hand in any medication to the school office that includes the full name of your child in its original packaging, including dosage. We will then sign it in and it will be locked away in the nurse’s room. If your child has any rescue medication e.g. for allergies, asthma or epilepsy, same procedures apply. Any staff working with your child that has rescue medication will be fully aware of this and know how to support them should they need it.

My child accesses specialist support at their current setting (SALT, Physio, occupational therapist, optician). Will they still receive this at Camberwell Park?

We have specialists based at Camberwell Park once a week on different days. Any support from SALT, physio, OT or opticians that your child already receives will continue if needed.

Will my child be supported over lunch time?

Yes.  Staff support pupils in choosing their meal using photographs/ symbols if needed, and will support in any feeding needs they may have. We are a ‘healthy school’ and therefore encourage pupils to make healthy food choices. Pupils drink water/milk with their meals unless they have specific dietary requirements as stated in their EHCP. See a sample of the dinner menu on the school website. If your child has any dietary requirements, it is important you notify the school. There is a section on this in the pupil documents you fill out when enrolling your child. It is very important we are made aware of any food allergies your child may have. If your child has a packed lunch, we expect healthy food choices to be included. We discourage chocolate, crisps and sugary drinks. Once pupils have finished their lunch, they will then play outside or under the undercover areas with familiar staff.  

Will my child be able to have a snack at break time?

Yes. We provide water/milk and a piece of fruit at break time for every pupil.

Do you offer breakfast club or after school club?

Yes. We offer breakfast club every day 8:30-9:00am. If you wish to use the breakfast club you will need to request this to the Head teacher.  This is available for pupils whose parents have to go to work or have other children to drop off at different schools. Drinks, toasted bagels and a selection of cereal are available. We offer an Afterschool club each Tuesday / Thursday after school 3:15-5:00pm. You would need to apply for this as we have limited spaces. Snacks and drinks are available during after school club. We also offer Easter and summer play schemes. Again, if you are interested in this you would need to apply.  

Where can i see a copy of the Ofsted inspection?

The school was inspected by Ofsted in May 2010, June 2013 and January 2018. All three times was judged as outstanding in all areas. Camberwell Park was described as ‘a wonderful school’ where ‘all children achieve equally well, regardless of their particular special educational need, ethnicity or gender’ as well as ‘a school full of smiles and laughter’ To view the results click on the link Ofsted 2018

When are the school holidays?

Please click here for the full holiday list.



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