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Parent Partnership Policy

Updated January 2020

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Appendix 2                      Camberwell Park School 

                                          Parents / Carers as partners   

                                   Key Worker role – Minimum standards



In order to work closely with parents / carer’s supporting all aspects of the children we work with, Camberwell Park has an established ‘Key Worker’ system in place.  All of our families are allocated a key worker ( either the class teacher or a class teaching assistant ) who will work closely with their child as a main point of contact in school and to share and receive information.

If there are Child Protection concerns, the Teacher will always be the key worker.

Key workers will support all of our families and children in understanding each other and encourage all to embrace and celebrate our unique and individual differences.


The key worker role -

To ensure clarity of the role and responsibilities and maintain high expectations, a set of minimum standards has been agreed:

  1. Communications will always be predominantly positive and celebratory. All of our children make progress and access many varied activities and experience and we wish to celebrate this with our families. The use of ‘ face to face contact ‘ ‘Class DoJo‘ ‘Well Done Postcards’  and ‘Star of the week’  to communicate this good work to the families, is an excellent way of contact and is appreciated by our families as stated in the summer 2019 Parent and Carer questionnaires.
  2. It is important and part of the key worker standards that staff check the pupil data every half term with both parents/carer’s and the admin office, to ensure that all information is up to date and correct.
  3. Key workers will be familiar with all key aspects of the children allocated to them e.g. first language / siblings /religion / behaviour plans and risk assessments / Medical needs / concerns.  Key workers are to be up to date with any changes that may occur and share with the class team.
  4. Key workers will ensure weekly contact with parents / carer’s using their preferred method of communication including Class DoJo / telephone calls / or face to face contact. IRIS parent contact logs to be consistently completed when parental contact is made with a brief write up added. Any safeguarding issues that also needs logged are flagged up immediately with the Headteacher, Deputy Headteachers and TA4 with responsibilities for safeguarding.
  5. Key workers will monitor the attendance of their allocated pupils and ensure that positive attendance is celebrated and absences are challenged. Any concerns relating to attendance, following this, are flagged up to the Deputy Head Teacher so that appropriate action can be taken.
  6. Key workers are to remind parents / carer’s about appointments in school  / reviews etc a few days before the meeting and support them if needed, in completing the all about my family section on the EHCP review form so they attend the review meeting fully prepared to discuss progress to date and current issues that may need further support.  
  7. Key workers are invited to attend a part of their allocated pupil’s annual review and where it is possible the class teacher to swap with the key worker so the pupil booklet can be shared by the Key Worker with the families.
  8. Key workers will offer support to parent / carers around understanding and supporting their child’s ‘My Learning Targets’ and the monitoring of homework, giving support and feedback when necessary.
  9. Key workers are to support our families and pupils in regard to our families own mental health in the widest sense. Staff are to make aware to LMT any changes in behaviours that may suggest a family are struggling and need further support and possibly signposting to other multi agency partners. Together we can make a difference and build upon our already excellent relationships to ensure the best possible outcomes for all.
  10. Key workers are to keep families fully informed of the year 6 transition visits and how the transition mornings and afternoons are progressing for their child. The transition visits are supported by regular class staff who know the pupils well. Our families are provided with the transition dates prior to them commencing and are kept fully informed throughout the well planned visits to ensure a smooth and successful transition to high school.


Updated January 2020


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