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Behaviour at Camberwell Park School

At Camberwell Park School we are PROUD of all of our pupils we have high aspirations and show them dignity and respect at all times.

We are Passionate about the children and know that they behave well and are happy to be in school, they are Respectful and accept support to help them manage their own behaviour, they follow the school rules and are able to Organise themselves by doing jobs around school and in the classroom.

They Understand the needs of other pupils and help each other.

They are encouraged to make positive choices and staff are Dedicated to the children ensuring they give them the best possible life chances to act as responsible citizens.


(Copies of the Behaviour Policy can be requested through the main office or click here)

Behaviours for Learning

We employ positive strategies to reward learning and good behaviour; these include:

Identifying and Managing their own and others’ Feelings

Using Total Communication Strategies to help children tell us what is wrong

School Rules / Class Rules

School Charter – understanding how to behave responsibly and resolve conflict in a positive way, how to embrace others who are different from themselves etc.

Praise good behaviour through Praise / Reward Charts / Prizes  


At Camberwell Park, we do not have a separate anti-bullying policy, this decision has been taken because we know our children well, they are very happy at school and build very positive relationships with each other and adults who care for them. Incidents of bullying behaviour are rarely seen; where there are incidents of children using bullying behaviours towards others this is investigated, recorded, discussed with parents and reported to governors regularly. As part of the reporting procedures; positive strategies are put into effect to deal with the incident and repair the relationship. Any evidence of Bullying by staff will not be tolerated and will be investigated by the Deputy Headteacher. 

Therapeutic Approaches

Your child will be supported to manage their own behaviour by staff using therapeutic strategies/approaches such as hand massage, peer massage, breathing techniques, therapeutic toys, social stories etc; to be able to communicate their wants / needs / feelings in a positive way.

Risk Assessments and Individual Behaviour Plans

When pupils need help in managing their own behaviour and making positive decisions, Camberwell Park School has a clear strategy for managing children’s behaviour that may involve holding them safely in order to prevent a serious incident developing.

All staff are highly trained and skilled in identifying behaviours that cause concern and will put plans in place to prevent incidents of concern and crisis situations from happening; including using positive physical interventions with children, through TEAM TEACH, meeting current legal requirements.

If a child needs support a Risk Assessment and an Individual Behaviour Plan will be written for your child and will be discussed with you.

Children's Rights

At Camberwell Park Children have the Right to be Safe.

We have the responsibility to

ensure all pupils are respected,

show respect towards others

and reach their potential.

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