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Phonics Program and Reading Schemes

Camberwell Park begins the teaching of Phonics when the children enter the school.  It is fully immersed in the Letters and Sounds scheme encouraging the children to hear sounds in the world around them as well as copying sounds.  With the Jolly Phonics scheme children are encouraged to combine seeing a letter, making the sound and combining this with an action encouraging all use of learning styles.  Within the first six letters learnt children are encouraged to blend these letters in order to begin to read words.  “Key words” – those words which cannot be blended for example “the” will be taught separately, with the children encouraged to find these words within books.


Although Camberwell Park does not have a specific reading scheme, it has lots of books taken from a variety of schemes.  We also believe in the “Banded Books” approach where “real books” are levelled according to the ability required in order to read the book.  Children are encouraged to take books home and share with family, teachers will also supply a focus for parents as well as key questions in order for the children to continue their learning of reading at home.

Long Term Plans

The English long term plans have been devised using the National Curriculum 2014 – end of year expectations – however due to the learning needs of our children the end of year expectations for a Year 1 child are the expectations of a Year 3 children within our school.  The Year 1 long term plan has been devised using expectations from the National Curriculum and elements of Development Matters.

There is also supplemental advice to support the medium term plans for children working at the early P levels.  This gives advice on the learning opportunities the children need to be given and possible activities that would be suitable.

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