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Camberwell Park School Improvement Plan

Camberwell Park School has a School Improvement Plan which includes:

- The school vision / mission statement

- A 3 year plan overview

- A 3 year policy review cycle

-Detailed 1 year action plans for this year's School improvement Priority

- The school's Disability Equality Scheme ( including the accessibility plan)


Our School Improvement Plan priorities 2018 – 2019  

Curriculum and assessment including:

  • Review of the role of subject leaders following a number of new teaching staff
  • Ensure high standards of teaching, learning and assessment maintained at Moston site and at our  Belthorne site
  • Ensure our assessment systems reflect the changes to National requirements for introduction of the new Pre-keystage standards as well as preparation for the introduction of Engagement scales for pupils working at the lower levels of cognitive development.

Meeting the needs of our pupils with complex learning needs including:

  • Review of teaching and learning strategies  and behaviour management across school with regards to meeting the needs of our most complex pupils
  • Ensure an understanding of attachment and mental health difficulties of our pupils and how this can impact on their learning and behaviour

To find out more about each of these click on the butterfly image below to read our action plans for each area. 


See our pupil friendly school improvement plan here



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